How to use Skintory

How to use Skintory


Your profile page shows information about your skin type and concerns as well as your routines so that others with similar skin profile can follow you and see what products you use. Additionally you can provide some info about yourself. 


Your Shelf is the starting point on Skintory. It is a representation of your skincare collection – everything you have on your bathroom countertop, in your cosmetics fridge or hidden in a box waiting to be opened. 


Within your shelf you can sort products into routines. Thus, keep track of what product combo works best for your skin. In order to have the list of your products in text format you can use the “Copy” feature. 


To help you to take better care of your skincare collection we have added an expiration date tracker. Just note the opening date and shelf live; and if 80% of it has passed a warning sign will appear. You’ll never have to wonder if your skincare products have gone bad and waste them.


Your activity shows what ratings and comments you gave to skincare products as well as your community activity – created topics and comments. You and other users will be able to see it.


See whom you follow and who follows you. Connect to skincare lovers with similar skin profiles, spot what your friends recently added to their collections or follow the routines and activity of your favorite beauty blogger.


Save all the useful info be it a skincare tip, homemade mask recipe or a link to a beauty article. 


Add newly released skincare, products your friends recommended or a holy grail spotted on someone’s shelf to your wish list in order to manage your future buys. You can also copy it in order to share it with your friends and family before your next birthday. 


Community is a place for you to discuss everything skincare related or just chat about life. There are three topic sections – face care, body care and life. You can upvote or downvote any topic or comment so to highlight the most interesting discussions. 


Here are displayed all the products that we currently have in the skincare library. By default, you will see the most popular products first - meaning that they are added to many shelves. You can filter by most rated products or in alphabetical order. We have added sorting instrument if you only want to see a specific category of products. If you haven’t been able to find a product you’ve been looking for you can always request it using the request form. The product will be automatically added your shelf. 


Every skincare brand that is currently in our skincare library can be found on the Brands page. In the future we plan to add filters to highlight i.e. cruelty free, vegan and recycling brands.