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New Brand Highlight - Current State

The founders of skincare brand HoliFrog Emily and Majeed have announced their latest product line - Current State. The new brand is centered around the idea of skin being a complex and dynamic entity, and acknowledges that skin concerns and goals can change over time. To meet these changing needs, Current State offers a range of potent and multi-benefit products that are designed to support skin at any state it may be in.

The products in the Current State line are formulated to address both foundational skin needs as well as everyday concerns. The collection is balanced and clinically responsive, ensuring that users receive the best possible skincare experience.

The packaging design for Current State features a playful color scheme that is reminiscent of the whimsical and quirky aesthetic of Wes Anderson films. This unique visual approach adds to the brand's overall appeal and sets it apart in the crowded skincare market.


Eczema Control System by Murad

Murad introduces Eczema Control - not just a highly effective eczema treatment, but also luxurious skincare that anyone with sensitive skin will love to use. 

Soothing Oat and Peptide Cleanser

Is an ultra-gentle, creamy micellar cleanser designed to clean, not strip, eczema-prone skin. It's safe, non-irritating, and leaves behind beneficial moisture. Formulated with Micellar Cleansing Peptides which deliver gentle yet highly effective cleansing more effective than traditional sulfate cleansers, Oat Extract - potent and essential ingredient in the treatment of eczema, Sugar Complex - sugars from corn deliver hydration and support the skin barrier

Quick Relief Colloidal Oatmeal Treatment

This quick-acting cream provides immediate relief for itch, irritation, and rashes. It also contains a proprietary blend that hydrates to reduce discomfort and redness and restore skin to its natural state. Key ingredients are Ground Cherry Blend which is inspired by the efficacy of steroids yet sourced from plants, Oat Lipids contain skin-loving fatty acids, ceramides, phospholipids and sterols that help renew, protect, relieve irritation and fortify the skin’s lipid barrier.

Daily Defense Colloidal Oatmeal Cream

Daily defense moisturizer with a unique blend of colloidal oatmeal and niacinamide. It locks in essential moisture and lipids to protect skin from the inside. Contains Niacinamide,  1.0% Colloidal Oatmeal, Mondo Grass Sugars that support hydration and encourage a healthy microbiome.


The Power of Red Beet by I’m From

South Korean brand I’m From released a skincare line inspired by a very versatile vegetable rich in minerals and betaine - red beet. The collection includes three products:

Beet Purifying Mask contains 1.5% red beet enzyme sourced in Damyang, Korea. Its moisturizing clay formula cleanses pores and controls sebum for a radiant complexion.

Beet Energy Ampoule consists of  81.5% red beet extracts, provides clear, dewy skin and intensive vitalization care. Good for dry, rough skin.

For Beet Refresh Pad that contains 20% red beet extract the Cold Decoction Method is used, which infuses thick liquid at low temperatures for 100 hours and delivers the vitalizing energy of organic red beet.


Plant-based Milk Body Collection by fresh

American skincare brand fresh once again draws inspiration from herbs, grasses and seeds by releasing a Plant-based Milk Body Care collection. Milks are derived from centella for nourishment, from rice and linseed for comfort of the skin. The collection includes body lotion, cleanser, and hand cream.


Biodegradable Beauty Masks by Aceology

Aceology, an Australian brand, following the consious skincare trend launches its Sustainable Series - Biodegradable Beauty Masks made from natural Lyocell fibres. Lyocell can be described as a type of rayon. It is made up of cellulose fibres, which are dissolving pulp.

The series includes three masks:

Multi-Vitamin Brightening Biodegradable Mask is a glowing treatment that provides a high dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E.

The Probiotic Restoring Biodegradable Mask, a super-light sheet mask that soaks the skin in beneficial fermentations. Cryogenically-fermented blend of 10 Probiotics, provides a moisturizing, strengthening and smoothing action while a highly absorbable form of Hyaluronic Acid instantly hydrates.

The Hyaluronic Acid Intense Repairing Biodegradable Mask replenishes the skin with hydration and rejuvenates the complexion. Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera provide instant rejuvenation. Centella Asian Extract and Ulmus Davidiana root Extract bind water on the skin to ensure long-lasting moisturization and plumpness.