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What serum would you guys recommend for acne scars, brighter skin and the help with oily skin from the ordinary?


How to get rid of fungal acne?


I just got ride of this bump on my forehead. It was hurting and red. Now that it's gone I have one on my chin and now I noticed one next to my nose and idk what I can do about it. I tried to put Ice on it and nothing. I'm sticking to my skin care routine so idk what can be the problem. I read after it and they say it's a cist or smtg. Can someone help how to get rid of these?

the best scrub or exfoliator for sensitive and dry skin? 

I have dark under eyes and want a good one. I'm 15 with dry skin


I need to know how to get rid of closed comodones and oily pimples next to my nose but i dont want to buy 200$ serum or anything that expensive please someone help with a cheap way.


What are the best drugstore products? 😘


I have a big problem w blackheads and pores can someone give me some advises?