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I need a skincare brand that is cheap enough to buy. I have combo skin, so I need products that will help with my combo skin. I need all the products that you need in the day and for the night.


How do I get rid of closed comedons on the cheeks as a 12 year old can you tell me witch products are good for my skin


I am 17 years old and since i can remember my ankles are dark asf do you guys how any tips to fix them


if so comment, cause i hate my dark circles really bad so yea ❤️


I need help guys, please. Product recommendations,what is unsafe,ect


I have problem with closed comedones and they hurt. How can i get rid of them. Any advice?


I am quite new to this app. And I seem to have a problem when I click on the camera. It shows me the camera for 1 second. But then it goes straight back to the home screen Just wondering if anyone has a tip to help me.

What products are good for oily and dry skin in South Africa ?

I have added items to my shelf, but is there a way to sort them, or add them to different “shelves”? For instance, I have some sample products that I added, but I would like to notate they are samples so I know.