The Essence of Vegan Beauty: 8 Korean Skincare Brands Dedicated to Animal-Free Formulations

The Essence of Vegan Beauty: 8 Korean Skincare Brands Dedicated to Animal-Free Formulations

In recent years, the world of skincare has witnessed a growing shift towards cruelty-free and ethical beauty practices. Among the rising stars in this movement are the Korean skincare brands that have embraced vegan formulations, paving the way for a new era of clean, compassionate beauty. Korean skincare, known for its innovative ingredients and meticulous routines, has now extended its focus to cater to those seeking plant-based alternatives. With an emphasis on natural, animal-free formulations, vegan Korean skincare brands offer a harmonious blend of traditional beauty wisdom and modern sustainability. Whether it's a serum, moisturizer, or cleanser, these brands have captured the essence of vegan beauty, promising products that are both gentle on the skin and kind to our animal friends.

Olivarrier is an ethical skincare brand with a distinct focus on nurturing and restoring the skin's natural barrier. They believe that a healthy skin barrier is key to addressing various skin concerns. Rooted in scientific aspirations and a minimalist philosophy, Olivarrier aims to create products that promote healthy skin without overwhelming it. Olivarrier has earned Vegan Certification from The Vegan Society of Great Britain, ensuring that their products are free from animal testing, animal ingredients, GMOs, honey, and milk.

Dual Moist Toning Lotion

Dual Moist Toning Lotion features organic green tea extract, known for its potential calming and moisturizing effects on the skin. The active ingredients in each bottle are derived from the distillation of 180 organic green tea leaves.

AROMATICA is a brand that wholeheartedly embraces the power of aromatherapy to deliver safe and healthy beauty products. They prioritize the well-being of their customers by crafting vegan formulas that are free from synthetic fragrances and harmful ingredients. Since 2015, AROMATICA has proudly been registered as a partner of the Vegan Society. AROMATICA is a brand that encourages a harmonious relationship between beauty, well-being, and ethical principles.

Vegan Comforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing Mousse

Gentle Cleansing Mousse - a liquid-to-foam cleanser with soothing ingredients for sensitive skin. Contains natural ingredients like flavonoid, saponins, carotenoid, and more. 98% of the ingredients are natural, and no synthetic fragrances are added for your health and comfort.

Klairs, a Seoul-based skincare brand established in 2010, has dedicated itself to creating functional products specifically tailored for sensitive skin. With a firm commitment to ethical practices, Klairs is proud to be a cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly brand. Their dedication to vegan lifestyle is evident through certifications from The Vegan Society and the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services. While not every product in their range is vegan, Klairs ensures transparency by clearly marking the vegan options on their website. By combining a focus on sensitive skin with a commitment to cruelty-free and vegan principles, Klairs provides skincare solutions that are both gentle and aligned with conscious consumption.

Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

Erythritol and a soft sheet are used to quickly cool the skin, reduce irritation, and enhance comfort. Bamboo Charcoal on the gentle sheet soothes sensitive skin and provides long-lasting moisture.

Round Lab is a Korean skincare brand that derives clean and pure beauty from the land where the sea, wind, and mountains converge. Inspired by the natural resources and vitality of this region, their products breathe vibrancy and purity into the skin. With a strong commitment to veganism, all Round Lab products are vegan, allowing customers to embrace ethical skincare choices while enjoying the benefits of their clean formulations.

1025 Dokdo Cleansing Oil 

A lightweight cleansing oil that effectively removes makeup, sebum, blackheads, fine dust, and grime while providing a thorough cleanse and replenishing moisture.

PURITO is a skincare brand that purifies natural ingredients to create safe and clean products. They emphasize going back to basics to strengthen and repair the skin's barrier, as health is the root of glowing skin. Most Purito products are vegan, reflecting their commitment to ethical choices and offering customers a nourishing skincare experience aligned with simplicity and purity.

Deep Sea Droplet Serum

Deep Sea Line serum, infused with mineral-rich Deep Sea Water, a Marine Complex, and hydrating Snow Mushroom Capsules.

As the name suggests, Tovegan is a proud vegan skincare brand that prioritizes ethical beauty. With a steadfast commitment to being 100% vegan, they have eliminated unnecessary animal testing and harmful ingredients from their products. Instead, Tovegan carefully formulates their skincare using raw ingredients sourced from nature. By blending these natural elements, they perfect the art of vegan and clean beauty simultaneously.

Green Glow-Up Cream

Chlorophyll: With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it helps reduce acne, detoxify the skin, and promote skin cell regeneration. Experience the ultimate moisturizing effect.

d'Alba is a vegan skincare brand dedicated to providing consumers with luxurious and effective products at reasonable prices. They are committed to continuously pushing boundaries and challenging norms to deliver the most convenient and premium skincare experience possible.

Italian White Truffle First Spray Serum

Trufferol is the signature ingredient of d'Alba, created by infusing premium White Truffles sourced from Piedmont, Italy, with Tocopherol (vitamin E). This unique blend is rich in antioxidants and has undergone meticulous testing, resulting in its certification as a vegan product by the Italian V-label

Sioris is a Korean skincare brand that embodies a "Fresh+Safe+Honest" philosophy, prioritizing cleanliness and sustainability. With a strong commitment to using organically farmed, in-season ingredients, their vegan-certified formulas provide skincare that is both effective and natural. Sioris ensures transparency by clearly marking their vegan formulations on their website, making it easy for customers to make ethical choices.

My First Essener

2-in-1 toner/essence, specially formulated with natural ingredients to hydrate all skin types in a single step. This innovative product combines the moisturizing benefits of a toner with the nourishing properties of an essence. Infused with 389 Green Tea leaves and Mugwort.