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Skintory is a free platform for every skincare enthusiast. We provide tools to manage your skincare collection, discover new products, and connect with fellow skincare lovers.

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Digitalized your shelf

Digitalize your shelf

Take a glance at the state of your current skincare collection before making a purchase. Organize your routines and see what products work best together.

Stay safe, stay organized

Keep track of expiration dates, get notifications when a product is about to expire. Never wonder again how long that bottle of lotion has been sitting on your shelf.

Take a note

We’ve added this useful feature for you to keep notes about your skin, your skincare collection, and your routines. Save here any skincare tips, articles, and whatever you need to remember.

Wish list

A friend recommended you an awesome serum, your favorite brand has a new release, spotted a curious product on someone else’s shelf - add it to your wish list

Connect with the Skincare Community

Connect with the Skincare Community

Join Skintory to chat about your favorite products. Give routine recommendations, share skincare tips, and learn from others.

The Great Library of Skincare

Discover the newest, most popular, and the best rated skincare products. Browse the endless collection to find your next Holy Grail product.


Easily look through the whole range of products of every brand. Catalogued, up to date, and rated by our users.

The Great Library of Skincare