Coconut Oil Orange

Coconut Oil Orange

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Nature has provided an incredible oil that is an ideal beauty product. Our Straight Up Coconut, organic Coconut Oil Lavender is rich in fatty acids that nurture and replenish the skin with a beautiful scent from the organic Lavender Oil. Here are just a few of the many incredible uses of Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil is an amazing hair conditioner. Apply Coconut Oil to the hair 20 minutes before showering and then shampoo the hair. The hair will be softened. Coconut Oil tames split-ends. Apply Coconut Oil to the ends of towel-dried hair and style as usual. Coconut Oil is also a fabulous face cleanser. Use the double cleanse technique for really clean skin. Apply Coconut Oil to the skin in gentle circular motions and wipe away. Follow with your favorite Russell Organics Face Wash to remove any remaining residue. Coconut Oil is ideal as a lip balm. Simply apply some to the lips to moisturize and protect the lips. Coconut Oil is excellent for shaving your legs. Apply the oil to the legs and enjoy an effortless clean and close shave. Coconut Oil has great slip for shaving and also moisturizes the skin. Coconut Oil is perfect for just after the shower as a body moisturizer. Apply a little to the skin and enjoy wonderfully comfortable skin all day long. Coconut Oil is a perfect oil to use to treat cracked cuticles. Simply rub a little across the nail beds. Coconut Oil has a very low meting point of 76 degrees, at which point it become s a liquid oil. Take caution when opening the jar if the product is left at room temperature. An ideal storage location for this product is in the fridge where it will remain in solid state until use when it melts in contact with the skin.




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